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Financial Sponsors Benefitting from Capteris Platform

GREENWICH, CT, June 29, 2023: Since its launch in late 2022, Capteris has quickly established itself as an attractive alternative provider of equipment finance solutions. Most notably, within the financial sponsor segment, Capteris has committed nearly $150MM to portfolio companies across multiple private equity firms thus far. Recent examples include a $20MM tax lease for various construction assets and a $10MM finance lease for transportation assets.

Capteris specializes in providing large-ticket equipment lease and loan financing for numerous industries and collateral types, including private equity portfolio companies. Per Eric Dusch, President of Capteris, “The team we’ve assembled knows the financial sponsor segment and understands how to effectively work with the sponsor, portfolio company, and lender group to structure solutions that are both economically attractive and fit within their current capital structure limitations”.

With continued concerns around the impact of higher rates, funding costs, and potential further banking segment fall-out, companies are feeling the effects of an overall tighter lending environment. “We’ve seen a significant increase in sponsor-owned companies looking to diversify their funding sources for their capital expenditures,” says Todd Sinclair, Managing Director - Head of Sales at Capteris. He adds, “We understand the importance of helping preserve liquidity for working capital, acquisitions, and investments. And, considering the current lending landscape, our ability to provide meaningful capital commitments for their equipment further highlights the value we are providing to the sponsors and their portfolio companies.”

Supported by the capabilities of Apollo Global Management, Wheels Inc. and MidCap Financial, Capteris is uniquely positioned to help clients achieve their financial priorities while diversifying their funding risks across a broad range of industries and collateral types. For additional information, please visit

About Capteris

Capteris is a provider of large ticket equipment finance solutions targeting the midmarket, large corporate, and sponsor finance segments. With strong financial backing, flexible custom solutions, and deep domain expertise, Capteris is an attractive alternative to traditional equipment finance providers. From leases and loans to refinancing and asset-backed debt solutions, Capteris offers competitive products and attractive structures to meet the needs of their individual clients.


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