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Combining financial strength and flexibility

Capteris is uniquely positioned to make large equipment finance commitments with enhanced flexibility and provides solutions specifically designed for your business.

Capteris has established itself as a leading alternative provider of equipment finance solutions. From leases and loans to refinancing and asset-backed debt, we understand how to help clients achieve their equipment business potential.

Our range of flexible, custom solutions includes:

Life-cycle management of assets, flexibility and end of term optionality.

Fair Market Value Lease “FMV”

Used for titled vehicles whereby the customer expects to purchase at the end of term.

TRAC Lease

Similar to FMV lease but has fixed purchase option prior to end of term, usually for long-life asset classes.

Early Buy-Out Lease “EBO”

Capital lease with a bargain purchase at the end of term.

Finance Lease

Ability to provide debt and or lease options against existing capital equipment.

Refinance/Sale Leaseback

Term debt secured by specific assets.


Credit & Transaction Characteristics

Company Revenues

$100 million

and up

$5 million

and up

Deal Size

United States and Canada


ESOP, Private, Public, Sponsor


Industries & Collateral Types

Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of the unique business requirements of companies across equipment types and industries.

Explore the possibilities.

Unlock your equipment business potential with Capteris today.


Farm Equipment Financing

Tractors, combines, plows, spreaders, balers, loaders

capteris capital equipment medical aviation equipment


Corporate jets, helicopters, ground equipment, baggage handlers, deicers, material handling

capteris capital equipment construction industry


Yellow iron, mixers, dozers, loaders, cranes, graders, excavators


Generators, oilfield services, excavators, turbines, solar, transport, storage

Energy Equipment Financing

Food & Beverage

Processing, packaging, bottling lines, freezers, ovens

capteris capital equipment food manufacturing and bottling


MRI, CAT scanners, accelerators, ultrasound, robotics, technology

capteris capital financing medical quipment


Bucket trucks, diggers, backhoes, generators, rail

capteris capital financing infrustructure vehicles


Presses, stamping, injection molding, machining, material handling, 3D

capteris capital financing automotive manufacturing


Barges, tugs, push boats, offshore vessels, dry docks 

capteris capital financing marine equipment


Servers, semiconductor, fabrication, hardware, software

capteris capital financing server


Heavy duty, tractors, trailers, bucket trucks, derrick diggers, forklifts

capteris capital financing heavy transportation equipment



Transportation, material handling, robotics, sorting

capteris capital financing distribution truck fleets
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