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Capteris Provides $30 Million Lease Line For Sponsor-Owned, National Construction Company

(Fairfield, CT) Capteris LLC announces the commitment and subsequent closing of a $30 million lease line with a sponsor-owned national provider of paving and concrete services. The finance leases are funding a combination of tuck-in acquisitions and on-going expenditures. The company was looking to simplify their funding process  and aggregate the number of funding sources, with a provider who understood their industry and assets.  

"Capteris simplified their funding and closing process while providing sizable capital commitments both directly and via capital markets. This allowed the customer to replace multiple funding sources, each with different processes and servicing requirements", commented Rob Bakke, Managing Director-Sales. "We provided a single source solution that made an immediate improvement in their operational efficiency, creating more time to focus on operations, acquisitions, and running the business", added Mr. Bakke.


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