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Capteris and LTi’s ASPIRE – a Powerful Combination

LTi Technology Solutions (LTi), providers of lease and loan cloud technology to equipment and asset finance companies, is excited to announce a technology partnership with Capteris Capital, working together for a shared commitment to their digital transformation with LTi’s flagship platform – ASPIRE.

Capteris identified the need to improve how they deliver unparalleled solutions to their clients utilizing technology. Acknowledging the ongoing demand to provide a differentiated experience to their clients, LTi’s ASPIRE provided the powerful technology they were seeking for this transformation.

Capteris was confident the ASPIRE platform would provide the foundation for their current and future needs. The partnership was built around LTi’s established presence in the equipment and asset finance lease and loan industry, along with a deep understanding of Capteris’ business model and customized solutions. ASPIRE will provide Capteris the ability to tap into expansive amounts of data and resources to make swift and accurate decisions, as well as manage all of their distinct financial products.

Brian Nethercott, COO/CFO of Capteris, said “After an in-depth process, we selected LTi’s Aspire platform given the technology, ease of implementation, broad industry adoption, and their superior customer service throughout the process.”

VP of Sales and Relationship Management Tara Aasand of LTi, said “It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Capteris and we are elated to welcome them. This partnership represents a great opportunity for Capteris, utilizing our ASPIRE platform to synergize their capabilities in tandem with our innovative technology to achieve remarkable results, taking their organization to an unprecedented level of efficiency.”


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